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Practical help for struggles with eating disorders.

Eating Disorder Recovery and Life Coaching

Do you struggle with issues of control in life?

Are you tired of being a slave to food and the feelings of worthlessness, shame and guilt that come from poor food decisions? Do you waver between rigidity and chaos?

Tired of not being able to stop once you start eating?

Do you want to let go of your all or nothing thinking towards food and your need to be “perfect”? Want to break through your rigid eating rules and replace them with healthier ones?

It takes a lot of courage and vulnerability to reach out for support.

Do you feel frustrated, angry, fearful, ready to give up on yourself, or tired of where life has brought you? Don’t give up. Imagine what it would it be like to live free from your eating disorder, food addiction, or obesity.

You can live a life where you love yourself and find a kinder, gentler, happier middle ground.

There is a better way. Recovery from eating disorders involves learning to accept yourself. It’s learning who you are, beyond your eating habits, weight and body image. If you’re motivated and willing to ask for help, you can unlearn these behaviors, develop healthier coping skills, and bring about the change and healing you’re seeking. As a professional Eating Disorder Recovery and Life coach, I’ve helped many clients successfully navigate the early stages of recovery and build a life beyond their eating disorder.

We will work together…

…to clarify your recovery goals, help you with day-to-day struggles, and identify obstacles in your recovery. My goal is to help you get clear on the best outcome for you, create an action plan and hold you accountable so you can stay on track with your continued recovery. We’ll work on building a foundation, developing healthy coping skills, making peace with food and creating a vision for your life.

Just imagine going to the mirror and loving the person you see.

Imagine being able to forget about food and focus on what you want to accomplish for the day – grateful for your ability to think clearly. No longer feeling overwhelmed by all the food choices. Make peace with food, and enjoy your meals without anxiety, worry, or guilt. Feel grateful for all the positive changes you’ve made in your life.

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