Recovery Coach FAQs

Do you meet face-to-face?

I work with clients mostly over the phone, via video conferencing or at their desired location.

What is your contact information?

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (203) 258-5974

Mailing Address:
Heather Kilgore Eating Disorder Recovery & Life Coaching
106 Arbor Drive
Providence, RI 02908

What are your hours, and how long are your sessions?

I have flexible hours and we can figure out a time or times that work best when we communicate. Sessions are 50 minutes long.

Do you take Insurance?

Coaching is not covered by insurance.

What is your cancellation policy?

24-hour notice is requested.

Who do you work with?

I work with men and women age 18 – 65 years old.

Who comes to an Eating Disorder Recovery & Life Coach?

My clients come to coaching because they want to recover from their eating disorder and want help managing their recovery while dealing with real life situations.

They want help clarifying their recovery goals, identifying obstacles in their recovery, and developing healthy coping skills. They want to learn how to reframe their thoughts, so they can generate new patterns of thinking.

By hiring me as their coach, they’re committed to their recovery and living their lives to the fullest.

What happens in a recovery Life Coaching session?

First, we schedule a Free 30-Minute Discovery Session. This helps clarify what you need and can expect from Coaching.

If we agree to work together, I’ll send you forms that will help us understand what you want and need out of coaching. At our first session, we will do an assessment.

Following this, we’ll start our regular sessions where I’ll ask you questions, and lead you through exercises related to your goals. By the end of each session, we develop an action plan for the week to give you a clear sense of what to focus on in preparation for our next session.

I’m also available for email check-ins between sessions. If you truly commit to the process, you’ll find the real benefits of coaching show up between the sessions.

I also provide hands-on support to my clients, depending on your location, in person or on-line. We can set up challenges or supportive outings, such as meeting for lunch, meal planning, and special occasions.

What is your Coaching style?

As a coach, it is my mission to create a safe and respectful environment where my clients feel supported and challenged as they work towards their recovery and life goals.

I push my clients out of their comfort zones, but not beyond their limits. My coaching style has been described as warm but direct, compassionate, and patient.

I am committed to giving my clients the very best experience. I’m highly skilled in helping clients to reframe their thoughts and generate new patterns.

I’m all about celebrating the successes and supporting clients when they stumble. I am highly intuitive and often have a unique way of looking at things.

What can I expect from Eating Disorder Recovery & Life Coaching?

Through coaching, you can expect support in real life situations and develop strategic actions that help you move forward in your recovery.

Just like a coach in sports, a Life Coach who specializes in eating disorders helps you develop skills to improve body image, make peace with food, and learn to enjoy all foods without guilt, shame, or worry.

You learn tools that help you develop healthy coping skills, so you can handle your emotional life in a healthier, life changing way. You get out of coaching what you put into coaching.

As a result of coaching, my clients report that they’re better able to effect change, develop new patterns, and accomplish goals in recovery. They enjoy increased self-esteem, improved communication skills, enhanced relationships, less stress, and better emotional regulation.

They’re better able to make decisions and navigate the daily demands of their lives. They have a clearer sense of what’s important to them and how they want to live their lives. Their recovery is stronger, they feel better physically, more connected spiritually, and are finally moving forward towards definitive goals. As a result, they feel more connected, freer and joyous.

What are the benefits of Phone Coaching?

Coaching over the phone, or video conferencing, allows you to work with me regardless of where you live. It allows you to open yourself up more fully, and provides you with flexibility in your environment.

In the privacy of your own home, you can really focus on the work at hand. Or you may prefer to bring your cell phone to your favorite location where you feel most relaxed, creative or energized. Coaching is all about you – so you get to decide.

What about confidentiality?

Everything we talk about is 100% confidential, and unless you tell someone that we are working together (or give me your express permission to do so), no one will know that we’ve spoken.

I will not break confidentiality, unless you are a danger to yourself.

Can people with eating disorders get better?

Yes. With treatment and support, full recovery is possible.

I’ve had great success in helping clients recover from their eating disorder and am grateful for the work.

Who do eating disorders impact?

Eating disorders do not discriminate. Eating disorders affect people of every age, weight, race, and gender. In my practice, I work with people of diverse ethnicities, ages, body types, genders, and races.

Do you work alone or with other professionals?

I work in my own private practice. However, I believe that a collaborative approach to care is helpful for many individuals. My coaching services compliment out-patient eating disorder treatment.

To take part in my services, clients with a diagnosed eating disorder are required to be under the care of at least a therapist.

I do not provide psychotherapy or nutritional advice.

How long does coaching take?

Each individual is unique. You can leave at any time if you don’t feel you’re getting value out of every single session.

However, if you’re serious about achieving your specific goals, I suggest you commit to at least three months of coaching. It did not take a day to develop your eating disorder, and it’s not going to take a day for you to get over it.

Schedule a free 30-Minute Discovery Session.