Meal or Snack Support Coaching

Have you recently completed treatment and returned home or to college?

This is an important time for you. You’re ready to start using the tools you’ve learned in treatment to maintain your eating disorder recovery. However, in some cases, returning home or back to school means you’re back in the environment where you may have experienced challenges with your eating disorder.

I can help by providing in-home, at work, at school, on-line or meeting place of your choice meal support coaching to reinforce your ongoing path to healing.

Through meal or snack support, we work together to gradually decrease fear around meals and increase trust in yourself and the recovery process. As a coach, I provide support and accountability with your meal plan and nutritional goals. I can also provide support to you in situations where it is not possible for your treatment team to do so such as clothes shopping, social activities/community integration, exposure work (e.g. coaching around fear foods). You do not have to go it alone. You must be in the mindset of recovery and on a meal plan to participate in this program. This can be set up before you leave treatment or with a registered dietician.

Meal or Snack-support and coaching helps you bridge the transition from treatment to home or college.

Through meal support and coaching, you’ll gain trust in yourself, learn to strengthen your recovery voice, and feel empowered to make the best choice for ongoing recovery! You’ll learn to challenge mental barriers that keep you stuck through skills-based coaching sessions. Through this program you will practice:
  • Normalized eating and challenge your food fears
  • Being mindful of hunger and fullness clues
  • Processing thoughts and feelings with an Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT™) certified coach in a safe, structured, environment
Benefits of Meal or Snack Support and Coaching:
  • Helps to decrease anxiety and fear around eating foods and dining at restaurants
  • Challenges distorted eating disordered rules and rituals.
  • Gently learn to reframe your thinking
  • Allows you to practice ordering off a menu
  • Allows your home environment to become a safe place for meals
  • Provides support creating a safe environment
  • Enables you to continue to work, focusing on your job
Cost: 3 Session Minimum: $375/$125 an Hour 5 Sessions: $575/$115 an Hour